Top 10: Survival Tips for A levels/Sixth Form (+ Helpful Links)

Great post by a great friend…Y’all should deffo check it out
(and it’ll SO make up for the fact that I haven’t posted in forever and a day because Priyanka is a much better blogger than me and this is so necessary.

Pri the Protagonist

At this point in the year, already, most people I know have lost at least one of their ring binders as well as their will to live. Sixth Form is certainly a juggling act, but somehow I managed to come out the other side of the Year 12-death-tunnel (mostly) sane, so here are my Top 10 tips for survival during, in my opinion, the most volatile period of British school-life.

1) Prioritize mental health

Mental health is WAY more important than any grades or marks you’ll get in Sixth Form. Make sure you look after yourself if you’re feeling down and take time out when you need it. DO NOT push yourself to finish any work if your mental state isn’t the best it could be. And if you’re really anxious about giving yourself a break, just think about how much better you’ll be when you’re at the top of…

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