Recipe #1- Laur’s smoothie pick of the week. 

Simplicity tells a wild tale. 

On Friday night, I decided to mix my own smoothie up and it was very ‘on-the-spot’. Due to this, and the (sometimes) extortionate price fresh fruit can be, I pretty much had to invent something magical with a bare-looking fruit bowl. When I was getting my five a day earlier on, I didn’t reallt plan ahead. 

So, I dipped into the bowl to find it was pretty much full to the rim of bananas. Multiple bananas. I’m sure there was enough for someone to overdose on potassium in that bowl. I really, then, was stuck, but craving a smoothie, I had a scowl around the kitchen for more ingredients, which I found and made an incredible smoothie with. 

So, I’ll let you in on my secret. I may even post more recipes in the future. 

Here I am, loving life with my smoothie.

Here goes. 


  • 2 bananas
  • A glass of apple juice 
  • ‘Bonne Maman’ Rhubarb conserve (1tbsp)
  • ‘The Eastern Pantry’ Pear and Chai spice jam (1tbsp)
  • Ground cinnamon (2tsp)

The above jams can be replaced with other brands; I find M&S’ Rhubarb Conserve to be glorious, but I just listed the brands as I had never, before last week, seen the Pear and Chai jam. If you can’t find it, I bought it at the Eat17 shop in Walthamstow Village. 


  • Chop up your two bananas and stick them in your blender. I use a smoothie maker myself, but either works.
  • When the bananas are a creamy/gloopy consistency, add the apple juice, jam, and conserve. Blend these together until the consistency appears to be smooth, but not too thin. 
  • Add the cinnamon; First add a singular teaspoon, then blend, and if that’s not too flavoursome for you, continue to the two. If you like, more cinnamon is an option, but I only used this amount. 
  • Put in a lovely glass or jar bought intentionally to serve smoothies. Viola!

I know I’m no masterchef, but really, this tasted so good and I thought ‘Hey, I have a blog. Why not share this with the world?’

Here’s to more recipes[that]canmakeusfly! And not in some crazy redbull sense (though, seeing as I’ve never tried redbull, I don’t know if I have the authority to comment on that- I’ve just seen the adverts). 

Love always, Laur xxx

[Lauren Curr, 03.03.17]

‘Cause Finding Wonderland means going home again…

Yesterday, I was going about my day as any other by singing some of the songs from my favourite musicals and Disney films to myself. when I had a short moment of confidence and decided to record ‘Finding Wonderland’ from Wonderland: The Musical. I genuinely liked my voice, too, so in celebration of seeing the musical next month, I decided to share the said video to YouTube. This was pretty terrifying for me, and I’m still fearful that people think i’m an absolute idiot for doing so, but hey, it’s out there now, why not share it?

Performing is one of my biggest passions, undeniably, and I really do love it, so have chosen to share this performance with you ♥

Enjoy! I hope it’s not too bad.

Love always, Laur xxx

[Lauren Curr, 05/03/2017]

A video for the end of the month- Feb 2017

I’ve seen a lot of people do the ‘a second a day’ videos every month (for the past two) in 2017 and I have to say, I’m totally gutted I didn’t have the initiative to do that. However, last week I was lucky enough to get a new phone (iPhone 6S in Rose Gold- it’s beautiful) and last night I was just having a play around on the new iOS and unknown features, and I stumbled across something- my phone had made a little video for me. Now, I wasn’t too sure on what this would be like, but I still opened it and watched it. After watching it once, I couldn’t help myself- I watched it about five times before deciding that because it made me so happy, I’d like to share it. SO, last night, I put it up on my YouTube channel, and I thought i’d share it with you all.

The video includes me crying to my best friend about the lack of attention she was giving me, our trip to God’s Own Junkyard, me on the tube next to a reeeeeeeally tall person, my other best friend’s  birthday celebrations and many other aspects of my week, the week ending February and trailing into march. Most of the content is actually made up from Live photos (that therefore seem like videos) but some of the content is obviously video-recorded. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Though, it does appear this plays better on a phone.

Love always, Laur xxx

PS: Check out my new poem, ‘The Barrel’, here:

The Barrel- A poem for the end of February. 

The barrel looked stable,

but really,

it was empty. 

A hollow void lies beneath

the strong walls. 

Can they really protect you?
The barrel rolled around-

no balance. 

Where’s the stability?

The rounded edges,

so smooth looking, but splintered,

cannot hold you up. 
But the barrel shrunk

until you

we’re looking down it, into it. 

Empty; fuelled; dark. 

You wanted to momentarily fill the void

and spark the darkness to a brief moment of light. 
But that,

a life,

was a heavy sacrifice for a moment of hope. 

Top 10: Survival Tips for A levels/Sixth Form (+ Helpful Links)

Great post by a great friend…Y’all should deffo check it out
(and it’ll SO make up for the fact that I haven’t posted in forever and a day because Priyanka is a much better blogger than me and this is so necessary.

Pri the Protagonist

At this point in the year, already, most people I know have lost at least one of their ring binders as well as their will to live. Sixth Form is certainly a juggling act, but somehow I managed to come out the other side of the Year 12-death-tunnel (mostly) sane, so here are my Top 10 tips for survival during, in my opinion, the most volatile period of British school-life.

1) Prioritize mental health

Mental health is WAY more important than any grades or marks you’ll get in Sixth Form. Make sure you look after yourself if you’re feeling down and take time out when you need it. DO NOT push yourself to finish any work if your mental state isn’t the best it could be. And if you’re really anxious about giving yourself a break, just think about how much better you’ll be when you’re at the top of…

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Let’s adventure into chaos! (Why did I visit the Boxing Day Sales?)

Disclaimer: I know this is a little late. I did write it on boxing day.

Okay, the title may be a little dramatic. I only visited two shops in a comparably quiet retail park, but my Grandad was in a bit of a panic about being out of the house on Boxing Day.

Half way through the day, I made the decision to venture into Boots and Home Sense to check out their sales. I know Boots tend to always have amazing sales on their gift sets, even up until the New Year, so the short hop to the shops was worth the risk.

Although it was a small Boots branch with few gifts left, they did have what I was looking for. For a while, I’ve been in adoration of Jack Wills, once more. I loved the brand years ago, when living in Windsor and the walk to the highly acclaimed ‘University outfitters’ (Year 8 me wanted to pretend I was older. Now I understand the stress) was rather peaceful. I managed to find a few JW cosmetics in boots, which were things that I actually needed; A make up brush set in a beautiful case, and some hair accessories. They were both reduced to half price, making them more than reasonably priced and I just couldn’t resist.

I then headed to Home Sense, TK Maxx’s no 2 shop, which I love. Oh, I could buy so much homeware I don’t need in there! Luckily, my Grandad’s shopping frustration held me back, but not in time for me to stop myself from buying a French Vanilla and Cinnamon coffee and mug set, and a design book on New York. I am in love with New York as a city, and the capital of my favourite thing, musicals, so seeing this for less than £4 made me very happy.

SO, not a lot, but I thought I’d tell you of my retail haul.

Thanks for reading! Lauren xxx

Maybe This Night Is Our Last Night Together, However… (In The Heights Closing, 2017)

This isn’t a review, nor anything similar, it’s just a reflection.

As you may know, I’m a little bit obsessed with the musical genius that is Lin-Manuel Miranda, and what was it that introduced me to him? In The Heights. Back in 2014, I discovered the musical ‘In The Heights’, written by one Lin, and instantly fell in love with the music. For a long while, I feel like I underappreciated Lin as a person, as I didn’t really fully immerse myself in the world of Lin until late 2015 (it actually happened on holiday- My holiday playlist mostly consisted of Hamilton and Heights and, well, it was beautiful), but the music was something I always adored. Despite not giving the talented man himself some recognition until over a year after falling in love with his words, his score, his music saved me back then, and it transformed my life. Still, I cling onto it. My Top 25 iTunes tracks are all written or performed by Lin (In The Heights, Hamilton, Moana…) and my I listen to the mentioned soundtracks to fall into my safe place. I listen to them Non-Stop (note the pun) and honestly, Lin changed and saved me in indescribable ways.

Considering this and my never ending love for Heights, how could I not book tickets to the closing night of the off-West End show?

Honestly, it was incredible. There were cheers every time someone spoke (which I would usually condemn for the rowdiness in a theatre, but it was different this time), standing ovations after every song… The audience was pumped and so were the cast (and literally, I hear from the rumours that the shots in the club were real…). A favourite moment I have to pick out is post-Carnival del Barrio. Gosh, the cast had to stop the show to allow the standing ovation and five minute long round of applause to finish. Sam, Usnavi (or should I say UKnavi!) even sat down on the stairs for some of it. It. Was. Incredible.

I have to say, I think Arun was my favourite Benny of all time, especially on closing night. He absolutely smashed it. Him and Gaby Garcia (the most gracious human on planet earth) compliment each other so well, too. Generally, it was phenomenal, so keep your eye out for a review in the future but I just wanted a moment of appreciation for this 11/10 musical.

It’s time for me to tell you some lines that got to me:

  1. “Maybe this night is out last night together.”
  2. “When the end is so close you can taste it.”
  3. “Today’s all we got, so we cannot stop.”

These wouldn’t usually get to me, but for the final performance, I didn’t realise how much they’d shake me up. I also started shaking when I heard the first note of ‘finale’ playing… I knew the end was coming and I couldn’t face it.

Post-performance, I was sobbing my eyes out, for many reasons. The show, the cast, the end.. Everything. As they gave their speeches, I was NOT emotionally stable. Then, another person was creditted… The incredible creator of a show that changed my entire being, Lin-Manuel Miranda was thanked and welcomed onto the stage. I couldn’t breathe, I was in the same room as Lin. But hours later, something extraordinary happened. Everyone was waiting at the stage door to meet and congratulate the phenomenal cast, and after doing this, everyone went home, until it got to the last few of us. I got chatting to four lovely girls (Megan, Alicia, Alex and Helen) and accidentally ended up having a mothers meeting with them before getting the train. After a solid half an hour or so of chatting, we saw the show’s director walking down the street beside us and looked at him in awe, but he was followed by something that made us Lose. Our. Cool. A ‘Yay Hamlet’ was muttered by someone, so I subsequently yelled ‘Yay Hamlet’ and caught the attention of one Lin-Manuel Miranda. He looked at me and shouted ‘Yay Hamlet’, stopping and edging towards us as we approached him. Though he didn’t have much time as a car was waiting or him, we chatted to him and he told us we all had to be friends now- we’d agreed five minutes prior that, of course, we’d stay in contact, but this really sealed the deal. Lin took my phone and kept clicking the photo button; He took eleven selfies on my phone. we have eleven pictures with L(egend)in-Manuel. After he rushed off, I began speaking to Natalie and Scott, others who also were in the photo and they’d both lovely and people I’ve made friends with, too.

Of course, following this, we made a group chat and I made some incredible friends. Despite being so emotional, closing night of In The Heights has to be one of the greatest nights of my life, and definitely 2017. I really hope you got to see the show before it closed, but if not… LISTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK.

I hope you all appreciate it as much as I do,

Love always, Lauren xxx